Technical Information

Heat Pump Overview

Heat pumps are used to supply hot water at almost 70% less energy cost than conventional water heaters & use CFC free refrigerant that is environmentally friendly.

  • Using substantially less energy than conventional electrical/gas/fuel fired heaters.
  • Environmental friendly.
  • Fully automatic and simple installation.
  • Silent operation.
  • Intelligent digital controller with friendly user interface and blue LCD backlight.
  • Self diagnostic control panel monitors and troubleshoots heat pump operation.
  • Heating Capacity from 3.8 to 98 KW.
  • Waste Chilled air can be used to cool any area free of cost.
  • Long life components, choice of powder coated and SS-304 body.

Heat Pump Product Range

(Flamingo Heat pumps use R- 417A as standard Refrigerant which is a green gas (407C & 134A are optional)

The Maximum Outlet water temperature that can be programmed is 60 degrees Celsius. The Controller is LCD touchscreen and is easily programmable. All parameters like coil pipe temperature, compressor suction & Discharge temperature, ambient temperature Outlet water temperature, Electric expansion valve opening degree can be easily accessed on the touch screen.

There are inbuilt safeties like Compressor time delay protection, compressor High pressure & low pressure protection, compressor high discharge temperature protection, Three phase and phase rotation fault or missing phase fault. In case of any fault the heat pump will suspend operation & The fault is indicated on the screen. The heat pump will resume operation once the fault has been corrected.